About us

Member of M3 Group, Safe Transport S.A. was founded in 2017 with the aim of offering new solutions in the field of mobility.

Today, it offers two innovative services aimed at providing safer alternatives to citizens’ mobility but also at revolutionising travel in French-speaking Switzerland. With the launch of the SafeBackHome and BeMyDriver mobile applications, Safe Transport S.A. offers users intuitive and easy-to-use platforms.

BeMyDriver, is a networking platform that allows car owners to hire a private driver for their trips while enjoying the comfort of their own car.

SafeBackHome, is a home drive service. Through the mobile application, car owners can hire a professional driver to drive them home safely in their own car after a night trip.

The vision is clear for the founder, Stefanos Bakouris :
Optimisation, comfort and safety in the daily journeys of car owners :

“In Switzerland, as in many other countries, the current mobility options are almost identical. We want to improve travel conditions by offering services that save time, reduce mobility costs and enable users to travel safely in the comfort of their own car.

A philosophy based on sharing, community and safety, which Safe Transport uses to offer continuous innovation in the field of mobility.

Current situation regarding COVID-19

Faced with the current situation of the health crisis linked to Covid-19, Safe Transport S.A., offers its users the best possible hygienic safety. Indeed, by using the services offered by BeMyDriver and SafeBackHome, travel is only done with the vehicles of the users of the said services. Therefore, the fear of being moved in the vehicle of a third party who might not respect the hygiene protocols does not exist in this case. My car, my comfort, my health!

It should be specified that all employees (SafeBackHome) as well as independent drivers registered on the platform (BeMyDriver) respect and strictly apply all hygiene and driving instructions since Safe Transport S.A.’s absolute priority is the safety and protection of the clients being taken care of.